Worktops and their role in giving your kitchen a decorative theme

We all have different preferences in terms of colours, themes and styles. The good news is that there are many ways of creating your dream kitchen by following a few simple guidelines.

Modern kitchen style

To create that modern look, you need to take the minimalist approach. In other words, you need to limit your décor and keep your worktops clear of clutter. Solid colours without patterns are also best. Think about worktops that are as solid as possible in terms of colour and veining. Your cabinets should also be a solid colour and any fixtures should be simple too. In these kitchens, you can use the latest appliances too.

Country or traditional kitchen

This style is particularly warm and welcoming. To create this theme, you should focus on wood and wood colours. Wooden cabinets, wood furniture and even wood flooring will prove particularly fitting. When choosing worktops, you can include a butcher’s block as well as darker granite worktops. You can use copper fixtures and features too.

Simply white

White is a colour scheme that will never go out of fashion. Simple, elegant and clean, you can create a gorgeous white kitchen by installing white cabinets and furniture throughout. To create some contrast, you should consider using grey or even black natural stone worktops. Keep the floor colour fairly light but make sure that there is a contrast between the floor and cabinet colours. Many people like to match the floor with the worktop colour.

Within each style, you will find many variations. The key is choosing a colour and style that reflects your personality and something that you know you will love for years to come. Natural stone worktops like granite are made to last. Which is why you should plan your kitchen accordingly.