Why are natural stone worktops ideal for bathrooms?

If you are shopping for new bathroom worktops, then you must have come across various options including natural stone. For some, price is just about the only factor they consider but it’s also important to consider other factors relating to quality. For example, if you choose an inferior worktop today, you will need to replace it within a few short years. However, if you invest in something more durable, and probably more expensive, it can last a lifetime. Therefore, the latter is easily the cheaper option in the long run.

Natural stone worktops offer this exact kind of durability. There are different types of stone as well as different colours. Different stones have various pros and cons. Some are more porous than others but all stone surfaces can be sealed in order to prevent stains from setting in.

Sealed stone worktops are great for such humid environments as your bathroom. Unlike wood, the sealed stone will not absorb all that water and become a home to bacteria. Not only does this mean that stone will last longer, but it’s also more hygienic. In such rooms as your bathroom, hygiene is obviously a top priority.

Last, but not least, your bathroom is often the smallest room in your house and it can be difficult to decorate. Instead of cluttering the room with various kinds of décor, you can keep it classy yet simple by installing the right natural stone worktops.