When should you place your worktop order?

Whether you are building a new house or renovating your existing home, it won’t take you long to learn that timing is everything. Timing your orders is important for finances and to ensure that operations run smoothly. Each step of the process needs to be planned and timed with some leeway here and there in the event of unexpected complications or delays.

If you are replacing your cabinets, there’s no point in having the worktops arrive before they have been installed. In addition, it’s important to understand just how one piece of stone can differ from the next. When you take a look at the various stone products and you make your choice too soon in advance, you might not get the exact colour or veining pattern you hoped for. This is due to the fact that natural stone is just that – natural. We cannot control the precise details of each slab and this adds to their aesthetic appeal.

When your new cabinets are about three or four weeks away, then you should place your stone worktop order. Make sure that you have a sample of the cabinet material so that you can choose the best colour worktop to compliment the overall design and colour scheme.

It’s also important that you don’t delay your shopping too much either. In doing so, you might end up with gorgeous cabinets that you cannot use because they lack the work surface.