What is book matching marble?

Book matching marble is also referred to as butterflied marble. It describes a specific method of cutting and positioning marble so that the veining patterns create the an open book-like appearance. In other words, one marble slab is the mirror image of the other.

This is achieved by splitting the marble down the middle in order to produce two identical grains but in a mirror image. The first slab will be polished on one side while the other slab will be polished on the other side. If the slabs are placed next to one another, it looks like the one is the reflection of the other and you don’t notice the break in between.

The result is a perfectly coordinated visual effect which is suitable for modern and traditional settings alike. If you enjoy a more uniformed style, then this is certainly something you will love today and for years to come.

So, whether you are looking into marble worktops, flooring or wall tiles, it’s worth asking your stone supplier about book matching marble.