Quartz Worktops with Added Sparkle

Over time, we see many trends come and go. This is true for all things in life, including stone worktops. One of the current trends that seems to be picking up pace is the addition of some shimmer and shine. Yes, sparkly surfaces have been popular for some time already but there are some slight changes to this trend.

Popular choices in the past

The initial trend involved quartz worktops with larger mirror pieces that were added to reflect light and create that sparkly effect. These pieces are clearly visible and they help add texture to the surface. It’s also great for those who are not all that keep on solid colours that require frequent cleaning.

The new trend

Today, there is a slight variation on the initial trend. Namely the size of the mirror pieces that are added to the quartz. These pieces have become significantly smaller. So small, in fact that they now create an almost glittery effect. The finer details are far more subtle and appealing to homeowners these days. So, while the main trend with larger pieces is still popular, it is fast being overtaken by the request for smaller sparkles.

If you are considering installing quartz worktops in your home, remember that even plain white surfaces can do with a little sparkle to make them unique, luxurious and even more eye-catching. Once installed, these surfaces are just as easy to maintain as regular quartz.