Getting your Kitchen Ready for Templating

One of the most important stages when preparing for your new natural stone worktops is templating. This is done by a professional and it is essential that it is done with absolute precision. Just one tiny mistake can throw all of the measurements off completely. While it is up to the expert to do the templating, it is up to the customer to ensure that their kitchen is ready for templating. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Fixed units

Make sure that your base units are all fixed in their final positions. If they are moved at all after the templating is done, it will completely ruin the end result.

Level units

All of your units need to be perfectly level. A template cannot be made if any of them are even the slightest bit higher or lower than the rest. The margin of error is usually around 3mm but you should always confirm this with your stone supplier.

End panels

All of the end panels need to be fitted and fixed in place.


Your hob, range, sink, taps and any other fixtures should all be on site so that the team can take them into consideration when doing the templating.

Sink fitted

If you have an undermounted sink, you need to have it fully installed before templating is done. Like your cabinets, you cannot allow your sink to move at all once the template has been completed.

Walls completed

If you still have walls that need plastering, this should also be done prior to templating. The plastering process can affect the precise position of the cabinets and, therefore, the worktops too.

Remove temporary furniture

If there is anything temporary in your kitchen, now is the time to get it out. Remove as much from your kitchen as you can. You want to leave the room as empty as possible so that it is easier to take the necessary measurements. By de-cluttering the space, you are making the specialists’ job that much easier and the results will also be that much more precise.

So, if you are installing stone worktops, just remember that they need to be templated and it is essential that you prepare the room before this is done.