Natural stone and vein matching

If you install natural stone worktops, one of the main concerns is whether or not the slabs you use will match. This does not only apply to the colour of each slab, but also the veining patterns. Here are a few ways in which this common problem can be solved, depending on how the stone is installed.

Horizontal slabs

As far as stone worktops are concerned, you will most likely require at least a couple of separate slabs to cover the entire area. This means that you need them to be installed next to one another in such a way that the veining pattern continues. Not only does this affect the way in which the stone is cut and prepared for the worktop installation, but also the way they are installed. These slabs can be installed in such a way that the veining pattern is continuous from one slab to the next.


When y our stone worktop meets the wall covered with a matching stone splashback, you want the veining pattern to be as continuous as possible. Since the splashback will slide behind the worktop slightly, it will usually mean that there will be a very slight difference but this is not necessarily a major concern.


Finally, if you install stone worktops along with a stone splashback and you reach a windowsill area, you need the veining pattern to continue along all the relevant slabs. Again, there might be some slight misalignment due to the cutting and fitting of the slabs but it is possible to achieve amazing results if they are as closely matched as possible.

So, just because you have various surfaces or larger areas that need to be covered with natural stone, this does not mean that you cannot achieve a near seamless look. Simply ask your stone supplier for their recommendations regarding the best type of stone and veining patterns to ensure the best results.