Limestone and marble worktop myths

When choosing worktops for your kitchen or bathroom, you are likely to hear some facts mixed up with myths. It’s important to be able to differentiate between the two since this decision will have as much of an effect on your budget as it will the value of your home.

One common myth is that marble is not suitable for kitchen worktops. This is so far from the truth! Marble has been used in kitchens for decades throughout Europe and for good reason! While some stones are harder, marble is still perfectly durable. They do, however, tend to wear differently to harder stones which will help create that “lived in” feel rather than make your kitchen seem like an untouched museum.

Another myth is that granite doesn’t need to be sealed. Granite might be harder but it still has some porous elements. It should be sealed once it is installed and resealed one a regular basis to help prevent stains from penetrating and taking hold.

Some believe limestone to be too soft for use in bathrooms. However, even though this stone might be on the more porous side, and will need thorough sealing. You will also need to monitor the state of the worktops to make sure that the seal is still fully in tact. As soon as you notice that the water drops are no longer beading on the surface and entering the stone, then you might need to reseal.

Finally, some people even go so far as to assume that all kinds of limestone are the same. They are all produced by the same natural process but, their location determines various traits and differences.