How to clean quartz worktops

Quartz worktops are both durable and elegant. They can completely transform your home and increase its resale value. Whether you install quartz in your kitchen or bathroom, the best way to get your money’s worth is by taking care of your investment. Quartz countertops should last a lifetime (at least) and require very little maintenance if you follow the correct cleaning guidelines.

The first rule is to never use any kind of harsh chemical (like bleach or an abrasive cleaner) on any kind of natural stone surface. It can dull the surface, cause scratches or patches and leave your worktops looking worse than they did before.

The second golden rule is to avoid using abrasive cleaning tools. Stick to soft cloths and sponges rather than anything that could leave scratch or swirl marks. If you do end up scratching the surface, you may eventually need to re-polish them. This takes specialised tools, skill, and time. Not to mention the removal of the top layer of the stone!

So, if you can’t use abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals, how can you clean your worktops? Just use water and some paper towels or a damp cloth. Ask your stone retailer about any cleaning products that are specifically suited for use on quartz and read the label thoroughly to be extra sure. Another key tip is to always wipe up spills as they happen. The best way to prevent a stain is by cleaning it up before it can penetrate the stone.