Is your kitchen family friendly?

If you have a family, you want your home to be as family friendly as possible. Some of the main rooms of concern include your living room, bathrooms and kitchen. There are a number of factors that will determine just how family friendly your home is. Here are some things to consider if you want a family friendly kitchen.

Open floor plan

Whether enjoying an evening with your family or entertaining guests, an open floor plan means that you will not feel isolated in the kitchen. While preparing meals, you can still communicate with everyone and you will not be left out.

Kitchen Island

This is a wonderful addition if you have the space in your kitchen. Adding an island is an easy way of adding worktop space and this space doubles as a table for your kids. They can eat here, do their homework while you cook, or even just keep you company. Below you can enjoy extra storage space too.

Low maintenance worktops

When you have children, you are bound to find fingerprints everywhere. Children learn by exploring and really using all of their senses. This is why they have to touch, smell and even taste just about everything. If you want to avoid having to clean your worktops frequently, make sure that you choose a colour and pattern that does not show up fingerprints. In other words, avoid black or similar dark colours and opt for a matte finish rather than a polished one. If you want a stone worktop that does not need to be sealed, you should consider quartz.

Rounded corners

Worktops and kitchen islands all have corners but this does not mean that they have to be sharp ones. If you ask your stone worktop supplier to round the corners, it will be that much safer for your family and any young guests. Kids tend to run rather than walk and corners can cause a fair amount of injury if they are sharp. Rounding them also adds style to your kitchen. In other words, this step towards a safer kitchen will not make the room appear less attractive.

Some other important tips include your choice in flooring and appliances. Choose honed, hammered, tumbled or flamed finish natural stone floors. When selecting appliances, make sure that they offer easy access and allow your children to help themselves to healthy snacks and drinks. Your microwave should also be at the right height so that it is easy for your children to use.