Granite tiles versus granite slabs

There’s no denying the beauty of granite and the durability too. Apart from colour and veining, buyers also need to decide whether they should opt for tiles or larger slabs. Each option has its own fair share of pros and cons which is why it’s important to compare these two options before making any final decisions.

Tiles are easier to install yourself since they are smaller and therefore lighter. If you have a professional perform the installation, tiles and slabs usually cost about the same. As far as the materials themselves, tiles tend to be cheaper since they can be cut from smaller pieces.

The main disadvantage of tiles is the final outcome. In many cases, just like any kind of wall or floor tile, you are bound to notice differences in size from tile to tile. This means that lining them all up perfectly can be a real chore and you won’t get as much of a perfect look as you do with the larger slabs. Slabs can be cut to size while taking fixtures into account.

Slabs don’t have gaps between them which means that there’s no need to worry about dirt and grime getting in those grooves. Sealing will be required regardless of which option you choose and they are equally durable. Some might say that slabs are more prone to cracking but all worktops are at risk considering how much you use them on a daily basis.