Give your traditional home a modern twist

If you live in a home with a more traditional style and you would like to make a few modern changes, you will be happy to know that it’s easier than most people think. A traditional home is lovely but, after time, we all feel the need for a change. Here are a few basic yet highly effective tips you can use to make this change happen.

Balance these two styles

Older homes often have structural aspects that are difficult, expensive, or even impossible to remove or hide. Take those old-fashioned ceiling beams for example. Covering them will mean that you will have to sacrifice some ceiling height and you will have to redo all of your lighting too. Instead, you can give the areas around these beams a fresh coat of paint and leave the beams as they are or use a stain to darken the colour. The darker beams will create a lovely contrast against a white ceiling and you can further complement them by installing dark stone worktops, light cabinets, and dark floors too. If you have wood flooring, you could stain the wood the same colour as the beams. Include modern fixtures and appliances as well as modern lighting. This is how you blend the old and new together seamlessly.

Solids versus patterns

Patterns tend to come and go. One pattern that might be popular today could easily become an eyesore in just a few years. So, take care when choosing patterns. Plain, solid colours are ideal for that modern look. They help create that linear, clean look. Of course, if you like, you can add some patterns here and there. Almost like a splash of colour in a black and white room, these patterns will act as accents or accessories. When it comes to
your kitchen and bathroom worktops, you can allow patterns in the form of natural stone surfaces while keeping the rest of the furniture and décor simple with solid colours.

Something bold

Don’t be afraid of adding something bold to the room. Consider a stylish backsplash, a bright accent wall, and even lighting dedicated to highlighting aspects like a 3D wall design. It’s these bold additions that can truly bring a room to life and your kitchen is no exception! Many people choose a backsplash design that runs seamlessly from the worktops up the wall. Others prefer a backsplash that creates a stunning contrast. It really is all about preference.

Before making any financial commitments, make sure that you always consult with a professional regarding your home renovation plans. They will help you make the most of your space and money.