Different marble colours to choose from

Marble comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and of course colours. When redesigning your kitchen or bathroom, you might be interested to learn that marble is not only a popular choice due to its elegance but also its durability. The main question that you will be left with is what colour to opt for.

There are a number of shades of white, off-white and gray. Some have more veins than others and some shades of gray are darker than others. You can literally choose from a range of grays much like you would a paint colour palette for various shades of red or blue. This will mean that you can literally pick the perfect match for the room.

Some types of marble have a kind of pink, blue, yellow and even an orange hue. Different shades of brown have a wonderful warm appearance and black marble is the picture of sophistication.

When remodelling your bathroom, you might like to keep it light and give it the perfect hygienic style. White is a popular colour in bathrooms and homeowners often add just splashes of colour rather than overcrowding the small room with dark colour. If you do choose pink, blue or any other colour marble, you might like to opt for a light shade so that it does not give your bathroom a smaller appearance.

As for your kitchen, contrast is a beneficial aesthetic aspect. So, if you install dark coloured cupboards, you should install light coloured marble. If you us light coloured cabinets, then dark marble will look best. Consider the style of your kitchen as well as the fixtures and furniture when selecting your cupboards and worktops.