Design ideas for bathrooms with grey slate worktops

Slate is a popular natural stone option for many bathrooms. Slate is available in several shades and colours but the grey variety is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices. Grey slate worktops are durable as well as easy to match with a variety of fixtures and features.

Dark grey slate worktops look superb when accompanied by white cabinets and light grey tiled floors. Other fixtures such as the bath, toilet, and hand basin should also be white so that they stand out and compliment the slate.

Alternatively, if you prefer wood, you are in luck because dark grey slate looks gorgeous when fitted on top of wooden cabinets. It’s important to choose a darker wood rather than a light or pale shade. A rich cherry is one good option. While the white style offers a modern look, wood gives your bathroom more of a warm and welcoming feel.

Another option is to install black cabinets below a lighter shade of slate worktops. Although they are both dark, the lighter shade of the worktops will stand out. You can also choose a lighter tile and keep the walls light to give your bathroom a spacious appearance.

Silver or chrome coloured fixtures look best and it’s a good idea to ensure that there is a kind of consistency in your colour and style selection. For example, all the cabinets should have the same kind of door handle. Drawers can have a slightly different handle if you like but they should be made from the same material and the same colour as other cabinet door handles in the room.