Choosing Granite Countertops

Countertops come in a great variety of materials and colours. Stone ones can be travertine, marble, limestone, onyx or of course, the ever-popular granite. Now, granite countertops did not become the top choice for no reason. Granite is a high quality, strong material, well-equipped to handle staining, cutting and any other rough treatment a surface in the kitchen can experience. Granite countertops also play a decorative role in the house, and after often the focus point of a kitchen. Home designers and builders will often recommend them on the account of their beauty and resistance to heat, scratch and stains of all sorts.

Besides the resistance, granite has the benefit of being a very versatile fabric. There are various unique colours and patterns to choose from, especially since the granite itself is a conglomerate of rocks, each bringing into the mix its qualities and good looks.

Professional installation of a granite countertop is always recommended.  It is very important to take accurate measurements, in order to avoid small spaces between the wall and the countertop. Or the worst scenario, ending up with a countertop that is too big to fit your kitchen. Plus, handling such a heavy object is no piece of cake, leave it to the professionals who can use specialised equipment. 

Of course, granite doesn’t have to be confined to the kitchen. It can be a stylish option to use granite for your house floors, in your bathroom – a granite sink and maybe even a bathtub. Granite can bring personality to a home. 

Granite used in the bathroom and as a countertop will give the house a sense of balance and unity, especially if you decide to use similar colours and patterns, or features that will complement the rest of your decorations or furniture. Variations in tones and keeping few colours as a main theme will make even smaller spaces appear generous. And granite will give them class!