Can you use more than one stone worktop in your kitchen?

When working on your kitchen remodel, you might wonder whether it’s possible to use two different types of stone in your kitchen. When done right, two types of stone can have an amazing visual effect.

Worktops and island

The best way of creating contrast in your kitchen is by using one type of stone for your worktops and another type for your island. When doing this, it’s often best to choose two colours that are vastly different but look good together. For example, you could install white worktops and black stone for y our kitchen island.

Types of stone

There are no rules that say that you have to use a single type of stone throughout your kitchen. You could opt for granite worktops and a marble island, for example. Consider the properties of each type of stone before you choose. Think about functionality and practicality as well as design.

Get samples

If you are not sure about what works well together, you can always ask for professional assistance and obtain some samples to compare various combinations. Remember, your island and worktops are not going to be side by side. Your flooring and cabinets will also come into play as far as overall design works well together.

Mix and match is extremely popular at the moment. It’s particularly convenient for those who already have stone worktops and they want to install an island in their kitchen. It really helps take the pressure off finding that exact match.