Best heat resistant worktop options

One of the greatest problems that we have to deal with in any kitchen is heat. Hot pots, pans and other dishes need to be placed on the appropriate surface so that they do not cause any damage. Unfortunately, you cannot always leave pots on the stove or dishes in the oven to cool down. Which means that they can easily find themselves on your worktops.

Heat can cause serious damage

Different surfaces have different vulnerabilities but, in general, they are no surfaces that are completely immune to heat. This means that even your most durable natural stone worktops can be damaged by a hot pot.

What about tea-pots and hot drinks?

Tea-pots and cups of hot coffee will not likely exceed 180°C. This means that they are safe to place directly on your granite or quartz worktops. That said, make sure that there’s no dripping or you could end up with some nasty rings on this otherwise beautiful surface. This is the main reason why so many people use coasters.

Quartz versus granite

If you are wondering which one is more resistant to heat, granite is the winner. This really is only because quartz worktops contain resin which has plastic particles. Granite is solid stone and less prone to those scorch marks. Of course, as previously mentioned, neither of these surfaces are immune to heat. So, it is best to get into the habit of using a trivet no matter what type of stone you choose.

The best advice, when it comes to heat versus worktops, is to invest in quality stone along with plenty of coasters and trivets. If you have them on hand, you are more likely to use them. Keep them in a convenient spot so that they are easy to reach and you will not forget. If, for whatever reason, you end up damaging your worktops, don’t fret. They can be buffed and polished by a professional to remove the damage and restore the shine.