Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have proven popular for a number of reasons. There are also a few potential drawbacks that every property owner should understand before adding an island. Here are some of the pros and cons to keep in mind when you are considering installing a kitchen island.

Advantages of a kitchen island

  • Extra storage: The space below your island worktop will prove extremely handy for storage. Depending on the layout of the kitchen you might want to store extra plates, glasses or even appliances in this space.
  • Entertaining: If you have ever hosted a party, dinner or lunch, you know how common it is for your guests to gather in the kitchen. Your guests can take a seat at the kitchen island as you finish preparing their drinks or dishes that you plan on setting out.  
  • Style: By adding a kitchen island, you are adding an attractive feature to the room. It makes the room look that much better.  
  • Workspace: The extra worktop area is really handy for meal and beverage prep. It’s also great if you want to set dishes aside as they are prepared or place something out of the way to cool. More space makes cooking easier! 
  • Added value: Such a practical and beautiful addition to your kitchen will certainly add value to the property and make it that much more likely to sell for a higher price.

Disadvantages of a kitchen island

  • Size: If you have a small kitchen, an island may not work for you. It takes up some floor space and this can make it difficult to move around and access your cabinets.  
  • Functionality: It can reduce the functionality of the kitchen if you significantly limit the space and restrict the flow of the room. All the more reason to consider the layout very carefully.  
  • Other alternatives: Many people think that they are limited to the options of island or no island. There are other options such as a peninsula layout or even a slim breakfast bar. These can offer the benefits without the drawback of taking up too much space.

Every kitchen is unique and every homeowner has their own needs and preferences. It is important to keep these in mind when planning the design of such an important room in your home. If you are at all in doubt, ask a professional for their opinion and recommendations.