Substances that can Damage Honed and Polished Marble

If you are considering having marble worktops installed in your home, then you probably already know that they aren’t cheap. The whole point of choosing marble countertops is to improve the appearance of your home, its value and to avoid having to replace them every few years. The best way to make sure that your honed or polished marble stands the test of time is by following the right cleaning and care guidelines. Keep in mind that the following substances are most damaging of all and, in the event of a spill, they should be cleaned up immediately.

Alcoholic beverages can really damage your marble surfaces. Alcohol in itself is a strong substance and read wine can be particularly damaging. Different types of alcohol contain different properties. While white wine might be on the acidic side, whisky is more of a risk due to its colour. Other drinks like fruit juice, coffee and tea can also stain.

Vinegar and salad dressings can cause the surface to dull due to their acidic nature. Anything containing tomato or mustard will also leave a stain if not cleaned immediately. The red and yellow colouring found in these products is extremely potent and this is why they can stain almost instantly.

While it might sound strange, butter can also leave its mark. Due to the fatty nature of butter, it is extremely difficult to clean. When working with butter, you should use a chopping board just in case.

If you install marble in your bathroom, you will need to take care not to allow cosmetics to spill. Pack your cosmetics in an appropriate bag for storage and avoid leaving it on the countertop. If you are worried about spilling while applying your make up, simply cover the marble surface with an old towel.