Pros and Cons of Natural Stone Tiles in your Bathroom

While you may not spend as much time in your bathroom as you do your kitchen, it is still one of the most important parts of any home. Not only is hygiene a major factor, but a beautiful bathroom can also help boost the value of your property. Here are some of the pros and cons of investing in natural stone flooring in this room.

Benefits of stone floors in your bathroom

The number one benefit of stone tile floors is the fact that they are known for being water resistant, if not waterproof. Wood, carpet and similar types of flooring are simply not suited for areas of your home where water is a factor. Stone is also known for its durability and the fact that these floors are easy to clean. Not to mention the fact that these floors will add a clean, elegant and luxurious touch to the room. Stone is readily available and there are various types on the market. You can choose the type, pattern and colour based on your preferences. Stone floors can turn an ordinary space into a truly unique room. You can even cover your walls with tiles to match your floor tiles for that complete look!

Disadvantages of stone flooring

The initial cost of these floors is usually what prevents homeowners from investing in these floors. Of course, when you consider their durability, they will more than pay for themselves in the years to come. If you are on a shoestring budget, however, these floors might not be for you just yet. Stone is also cold under your feet and this can also cause water to dry at a far slower rate in the winter. The solution to this problem involves the installation of underfloor heating. It is also important to take care and watch your step if the floor or your feet are wet since stone can be slippery. Natural stone, unlike ceramic tiles, will need to be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning materials and they may require regular sealing since stone is naturally porous. It can be difficult to remove soap scum if not done on a regular basis so, make sure that you mop those floors after every shower or bath.

While it will require some extra effort, stone flooring can improve the value of your home and give your bathroom that elegant feel. If you are looking for floors that will not go out of style, take a look at natural stone flooring options.