Benefits of Limestone for your bathroom

Stone finishes, floors and countertops have been popular for many years.  Not only can they be found in kitchens but they can really spruce up your bathroom décor as well.  Limestone is a really popular choice in terms of materials and, because of its many advantages, it’s really no surprise.

Limestone, although not as tough as granite, is still extremely durable.  When you consider the needs of your bathroom compared to the amount of pressure it would be under in a kitchen environment, it’s easy to see why limestone is still such a great choice.  Your bathroom countertops are not made for cutting, chopping and food prep so you really don’t need anything extremely heavy duty.

Limestone is also extremely attractive and its deluxe appearance resembles that of marble.  The sandy or white colour that it comes in will compliment any bathroom and, even if you decide to change your colour scheme, you won’t need to change your limestone countertops.

In terms of value, many home owners understand and appreciate the origin of limestone.  The fact that it is formed from shells and fossils adds to its appeal.  By fitting limestone countertops in your bathroom, you can be sure that your guests will feel as though they have stepped into the bathroom of a luxury hotel and you will certainly add value to your home should you decide to sell.

Due to the nature of the stone, it is known that limestone is quite porous.  However, this can be easily solved by performing regular sealing.  Sealing is not as difficult as it sounds and home owners need not call the professionals in.