Day: January 2, 2020

Can Granite Be Fitted Over Existing Worktops?

For those who already have worktops in place and they are not keen on the idea of stripping everything to fit new worktops, it might sound great when you first hear about simply adding a layer of granite. However, it is important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you choose this type of surface and what to expect. Convenience In terms of convenience, yes, adding a layer of granite to your existing worktops is the winner. This is because you have far less preparation work to do before your new work surface can be applied. Of course, convenience is not the only matter to consider. Price The initial cost of these worktops will usually be fairly to significantly less than solid granite surfaces. This is because they are not made from actual granite but a mixture of materials and a resin to hold it all together.

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