Day: May 24, 2018

Questions to ask yourself before choosing marble worktops

Buying marble worktops for your home is not something that should be made in a hurry. It takes careful consideration and it’s important to make sure that you ask all the right questions. After taking a look at a friend’s kitchen or through a natural stone supplier’s catalogue, you might feel the need to order marble worktops right away. Before you do, ask yourself these questions. The first question to ask yourself just how much of a perfectionist you are. For somebody who wants a kitchen that will remain flawless for years to come, marble might not be the best bet. Although regular sealing and proper care will keep your worktops looking great, they are bound to become etched eventually. When you spill acidic substances like lemon juice on marble, it will take its toll and cause etching. You might not notice it from all angles but rather when the

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