Day: December 9, 2016

Choosing the right colour limestone worktops

Choosing the perfect worktops for your kitchen or bathroom goes beyond selecting the type of stone. Once you choose the stone that best suits your needs and preferences, it’s time to choose the right colour. One of the main advantages of choosing limestone is the fact that it is available in several colours. There are a number of lovely white and off-white shades which will look lovely in a number of types of kitchens. When your cabinets are dark or a rich brown, the contrasting light worktops will make them stand out even more. White cabinets, on the other hand will look particularly lovely when covered with black or dark grey limestone worktops. There are also some intermediate options like light grey and those with a touch of yellow or green. These varieties are great for just about any kitchen or bathroom design. Don’t forget to plan your design with

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