Day: June 16, 2016

Disadvantages of laminate worktops in the bathroom

There are a number of worktop options out there and all these choices can be confusing. Laminate worktops might sound like a good idea when you consider the price but there are also a lot of drawbacks. It’s important to understand the disadvantages in order to make the best possible choice. There are a number of types of laminate worktops. Some are more expensive than others and they also vary in terms of quality. The cheaper the laminate, the poorer the quality and the sooner they will need to be replaced. Which means that, in the end, you will spend more on regular replacements than a once-off natural stone worktop installation. Laminate worktops are easily damaged by sharp and heavy objects. Yes, natural stone can also be scratched and chipped but these damages are not nearly as visible and they can be buffed out or filled. Hot objects can also

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